Pocket Styler – a mobile game that attracts 8M Players in 5 Months

Article was published in Style Magazine in October 2021

Pocket Styler – a fashion game for mobile devices. Since its launch in May, the game obtained 2 million users in the first month and increased four-fold in 5 months. Nearly half a million players join the style platform every week. It’s a perfect game for all who love fashion and design.

The game takes place in New York, one of the global fashion meccas, where you can dress up your avatar with now over 147 million different outfits, participate in all sorts of events, rate and be rated by the community of users.

The game is curated by fashion professionals and a team of experienced stylists, and it will soon be available for collaborations with designer brands all over the world. Pocket Styler will allow them to see their creations in digital form, while players will be able to dress their models in real-life designer clothing and accessories. All of the current clothing is custom-made for the platform, with designers and game developers collaborating to create unique looks. With time more socializing elements will be implemented, such as Style houses, where players would collaborate to achieve cooperative goals, exchange items, and compete against other groups.

Read the full article here: http://stylemagazine.com/news/2021/oct/26/trendsetting-mobile-game-fashionistas-reveal-extra/


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