Top 5 Winter Outfits 2021-2022

According to Lina Berling, a Ukrainian fashion designer

For a game such as Pocket Styler, following fashion trends is really important. It is especially noticeable with seasonal items. In this case, winter. According to major fashion outlets, 2022 winter fashion is all about combining warm and statement pieces: Vogue suggests investing in puffer jackets or oversized pieces, while Harper Bazaar emphasizes adding gleaming textures or bright bags to complete the look.

In collaboration with Nordcurrent Lina Berling, a Ukrainian clothing designer, model, and celebrity stylist, creates outfits, accessories, and styles for Pocket Styler. The designer chose the top five Pocket Styler winter looks for this season and gave tips on how to achieve them.

Puffer jacket—this year’s must-have and a statement piece, Faux fur to amp up any look, bodycon dress that goes with everything, monochromatic look—a choice for any occasion and a few summer items—for the dash of the unexpected.

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