Digital Fashion — Can It Make Industry More Sustainable

How can games like Pocket Styler help the industry become more sustainable?

Fashion is one of the most recent industries to be subjected to digitalization. As more people choose to buy virtual clothing, there is an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, textile waste, and water usage in the sector.

With the metaverse, the COVID-19 pandemic, and growing concerns about climate change, fashion designers have turned to digital platforms to release their work. For example, Louis Vuitton has created a set of skins for the MOBA video game League of Legends. As virtual clothing becomes more accessible to the average user, fashion may become a more sustainable industry by allowing people to experiment with their looks without having to purchase physical items.

Which brings us to the Pocket Styler, a game that allows the player to fully customize their avatar’s look with different clothing and accessories that can be found in real-life stores.

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