Female audience in mobile gaming

More and more women are getting into the world of gaming – why?

Good gaming experiences induce positive reactions among gamers, particularly among female gamers, and mobile games serve as platforms for creative expression.

As stated by some mental health professionals, browsing social networks can be addictive and lead to feelings of inadequacy and isolation, as well as depression. According to various sources, mobile gaming, when used in moderation, could help people boost positive well-being.

Mobile game developers are noticing a new trend: an increasing number of women are entering the gaming world. A Nordcurrent’s newest game, a fashion-inspired Pocket Styler with 8 million downloads in the first few months of its release, is the company’s most female-oriented game, with female gamers accounting for more than 81 percent of its users, which is quite rare in the grand context of gaming. All that is required is the creation of a unique avatar, which allows players to go on shopping sprees, expand their wardrobes, select hairstyles and makeup, and mix and match millions of different clothing combinations.

According to the game’s developers, the positive setting, inspiration, creativity, and can-do attitude encourage what appears to be an increasing number of female players. Pocket Stylers’ appeal could be attributed in large part to the creation of a safe environment for self-expression with the possibility of limitless creative opportunities. More women are turning aw