Pocket Styler: Where Fashion Meets Gaming

Become the trendsetter in a modern world of fashion influencers.

What do you get when you cross gaming with fashion? As it happens, it’s a revolutionary app called Pocket Styler, which has taken the world by storm since its launch back in 2021. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, then you soon will have, because it’s changing the face of fashion forever.

The brainchild of leading gaming publisher Nordcurrent, this groundbreaking platform aims to bridge the gap between the gaming world and the fashion industry, offering players a unique platform to explore high fashion while developing their own sense of style within the glamorous social scene of New York City.

Never before has there been such an exciting way to have fun with fashion, so it’s easy to see just why it’s been making waves across the globe.

Our CEO, Victoria Trofimova, says that Pocket Styler is a game like no other, catering primarily to a female audience and creating a safe space for self-expression and endless creative opportunities.

“People may express themselves using Pocket Styler by transferring their particular tastes and preferences to the virtual version of themselves,” she explains. “Players may take their time developing a personal sense of style, which is difficult to achieve in real life, as trends change and are phased out of stores rapidly.”

Through interactive gameplay, Pocket Styler allows players to personalise their avatars with various elements including hair colour, haircut, nose shape, and makeup items like eyeshadows and lipsticks. Premium features of the app offer pre-set hair and makeup options, as well as consumables like perfumes and facial glitter, which can unlock exciting rewards and bonuses.

At the heart of the game lies a thrilling competition, where players from around the globe compete to style captivating looks for challenges set in iconic New York locations, including the Met Museum, Central Park, and Times Square. Not only that, but players can also participate in seasonal events and daily quests, earning valuable in-game rewards such as cash, crystals, and limited-edition items that can be used to purchase trending and designer clothing.

Already garnering attention in the fashion world, Pocket Styler has successfully collaborated with esteemed designer David Koma for his SS23 resort collection – and the app aims to further bolster its designer brand profile by seeking out more exciting partnerships in the future.

According to Trofimova, “the lines between digital and physical fashion are blurring,” and Pocket Styler’s mission is to empower players to experience high fashion, refine their style, make decisions, and forge new friendships. As the game continues to evolve, real fashion brands have seamlessly integrated into the app, garnering the enthusiastic support of millions of players – which means when you’re playing, you can create outfits using pieces from some of the most iconic fashion houses in the world.

In just two years since its initial launch, Pocket Styler has amassed a staggering 17 million downloads and an impressive 20,000 hours of daily gameplay from its dedicated players – proof, if you needed it, that it has well and truly taken off.

Ready to explore the glamorous world of fashion and unleash your creativity? Then you can join the millions of players who have already embraced Pocket Styler by downloading the app today and embarking on an unforgettable journey where fashion meets gaming. And here at LLM, we can’t wait to give it a try.


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